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Audio Gravy for Your Head Holes!
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Weird Magazine writes, "The Energy Funkotron put out was intense and grooving with sick sounding funk rhythms that border with psychedelic jazz. The funky riffs were so tight, I had to step back and slap myself!"

Previous events


Keva, San Marcos

Funkotron all night baby!

Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival

La Retama Park, 500 N. Mesquite, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

The Funky Rockin' Soul Stage is back! Bringing you a great showcase of Texas Funk, Soul and Rock-N-Roll.

Our line up: 3 P.M. – Arcade Hustlers 4 P.M. – Buddy Trevino Music 5 P.M. – Flatbroke 6 P.M. – Dayeater 7 P.M. – Killer John Miller 8 P.M. – Funk O Tron 9 P.M. – Mama K & The Shades 10 P.M. – Kiddoo and the Dude 11 P.M. – Peace & Quiet

Our stage is located in front of La Retama Park at the corner of Mesquite and Peoples.

This year the Corpus Christi Dia De Los Muertos Street Festival is on Halloween so don't be afraid to dress up!