About Us

Sprouting from Austin and San Marcos, FunkOtron compells you to move while arresting your attention. Like a transient with a Ph.D, Funkotron moves around various musical landscapes ranging from funk, fusion, latin, blues, scally-wag dities, rock, afrobeat, hard-meat-funk, and melt-your-face psychedelia.

FunkOtron is Johno (the Pickler) Davies on rhythm guitar and vocals, Leonard (Leon) Bailey on Keys, Anthony Stokes on lead guitar, Joshua Mouton on bass, and Jak White on drums.  They are often joined on stage by the Brown Eye Horn Section of Tony Alexander on Sax, and Talley Barnes on Trombone.

Over the years, FunkOTron has drawn together a collective of Merry Crinklers from around the country that fly the Brown Eye Flag- A group of wonderfully novel individuals that contribute to the great vibes and fun atmosphere. If you see a Japanese flag with a brown circle in the center, yell brown eye! Then let the sexy shenanaganery ensue.

FunkOTron has played Wakarusa, ACL, and other festivals while touring the U.S.  The album "Audio Gravy" was released in 2011 and is available on this site and can be found on itunes.  There are also free downloads of live shows showcasing FunkOtron's infectious energy at a show. 

Smear this site onto your friends, business parters, frenimies, so that Funkotron can contunue to make novelties both audio and visually.

* Cheers to Bear and Highlife Glass Works for all the love, Trish Doss for doing some awesome photography for FunkOtron, and R. Theis for designing our T-Shirt and Album art.